At Last, Discover the Secret to Long-Lasting Wealth and Success —
and How You Can Easily Achieve It

  • It’s not about getting a higher-paying job
  • It’s not about working even harder than you already are
  • It’s not about training for a new career you’ll never enjoy
  • It’s not about pretending “as if” you are already rich
  • It’s not about any specific tactic such as real estate or investing

ClardyFrom the Desk of Clardy Malugen, Chief Miracle Maker

Dear Friend,

My name is Clardy Malugen and if you’re not as financially successful as you’d like, I can assure you the real solution is NOT any of those strategies above.

It doesn’t have anything to do with the economy either. Whether you believe it’s rebounding or heading for another recession, you need to realize the energy of over $44 billion is flowing all around you every single day in the U.S. There is more than enough money in the world for everyone — including YOU — to live a full, prosperous life.

A life that easily provides everything you need to be financially secure and live the good life…

  • Funds to pay off all of your credit cards, loans and other debt
  • A fun and worry-free retirement
  • Everything you desire — including homes, cars, vacations and college educations

In fact, every penny you need for everything you desire is flowing around you right now!

Did you know that the number of American millionaires has actually increased 40% in the last five years? Millions more people have been consistently moving toward financial freedom while you’ve been stuck and wondering what to do next.

Isn’t it time for you to plug your own energy into this amazing abundance? Isn’t it time for you to claim what’s already rightfully yours? You just don’t realize (yet) how easy it is to ask for it, be open to it and receive it.

The question is —
why aren’t you prospering too?

The good news is you don’t have to go far for the answer. Because it’s right in front of you — right inside the person staring back at you in the mirror.

It’s simple… Everything you have — or don’t have — right now reflects what your innermost self secretly believes you deserve

  • The fat wallet or the empty bank account
  • The rewarding career you love or the underpaid work you hate
  • The healthy nest egg for retirement or the money slipping through your hands like water

moneytreeWhatever your current financial state, you’ve created it yourself — thanks to past failures, hurts and beliefs that you internalized at some point, usually to protect yourself from future disappointments.

Maybe, somewhere along the line, you learned that “money is the root of all evil” or that it’s better to be “poor and happy” than “rich and miserable.” Perhaps you internalized comments like “you’ve got to work hard to get ahead” or “life is meant to be a struggle.”

And we all know that “money doesn’t grow on trees,” right? How many times have you heard that statement? But do you realize how it empowers a deep sense of scarcity every time you hear it and internalize it?

It doesn’t matter if you learned the limiting beliefs from your parents, grandparents, the media, or crazy Aunt Susie. The fact is your subconscious has masterfully created a program designed to save you from all of the “evils of money.”

Although this program was originally designed to protect you, through the years it has morphed into a deadly virus that operates 24/7 and blocks your every attempt toward financial success — and you don’t even realize it! It is silently, relentlessly sabotaging your life on two fronts:

1Automatically triggering money-repelling thoughts and behaviors. I call them money-minimizing amoebas” because you can’t see them, yet they quickly multiply and attack your efforts to attract and manage money.

2Draining your energy. It’s like running a 50-year-old furnace over a long, arctic winter instead of a brand new Energy Star model. If you’re using all your energy just to protect yourself, there’s not much left for ideas and actions to bring more money into your life!

Sure, sometimes you’ll seem to make progress despite the virus. But the success isn’t sustainable because the virus is still lurking beneath the surface, ready to strike at any second, wreaking havoc on your mind and energy.

I know because I’ve experienced it myself…

“This IS what you’ve been looking for…”

Before I participated in Clardy’s Embracing Money Teleseminar, I felt like something was blocking me. I had taken lots of classes and done a lot work on myself but I knew something was off.

When I first heard about the teleseminar, I just had a gut feeling about it. I signed up for the free preview call and immediately felt like it was the right thing to do.

I decided to focus on three big things: manifesting money, changing careers, and finding the love of my life.

As the class progressed, I was honestly shocked to learn some of the ways that I had been limiting myself. I had no idea that I was programmed to keep myself stuck in those old habits and beliefs. I was so glad to have the tools that showed me clearly where my blocks were.

After using the tools for a couple of weeks, I found myself getting clearer and clearer about what I wanted — while realizing I had never before allowed myself to really have the things that I deserve!

Literally hours after one of the Mastermind calls where I focused on shifting the negative feelings about my job, I was called into my boss’s office. He acknowledged my work and immediately transferred me to a great position in a different department.

I loved the change and my new, more positive co-workers. And letting go of that negativity began of a series of life changes that were nothing short of miraculous. Since that day, my life has never been the same.

My favorite of all of the miracles? I met my soulmate a few days after that call and he is a true gem. We are very happy and planning our future together.

If you are feeling stuck or things aren’t working for you, and you have the opportunity to work with Clardy, don’t let this opportunity pass you by. This IS what you’ve been looking for.

~ Nicole Caldwell, Phoenix, AZ

I’m ready to sign up!

My story started off like a fairy tale
but it didn’t stay that way…

For many years, I enjoyed a very successful career in the entertainment industry. I produced an award-winning documentary, served as president of a bi-coastal entertainment corporation, and even headed up my own consulting company — working with dream clients like Walt Disney Imagineering and NBC Television.

I made millions of dollars. Lived a magnificent life of penthouses, Porsches and private jets. Enjoyed hanging out with celebrities, best-selling authors, and high-level politicians. Donated lots of money to terrific charities and did lots of things to help lots of people. It was an exhilarating life. I was very blessed.

Then my mother moved to town.

Before you assume that I’m resorting to that old excuse of blaming my parents, let me tell you her story…

She was an amazing woman. But clearly, a life of poverty during the Great Depression had deeply scarred her. She worked incredibly hard as a single mom to raise my brother and me, but no matter how much money we had, she absolutely believed that it wouldn’t last and that there would never be enough.

forsaleI had worked hard for years to overcome the scarcity mindset I “inherited” from her. And I thought I had thoroughly conquered it by the time I created my truly magical life. But after she moved nearby, I was once again engulfed in a relentless stream of fear and negativity about money.

One day, we were enjoying the sunshine on the patio of my million-dollar dream home. Out of the blue, my mom says, “Now, you be careful. I don’t want you to lose your home!”

Lose my home? It was paid for! I was floored that she was sitting there thinking such an awful thought. But she was.

And a powerful seed was planted.

She watered that seed with her fears almost every time I saw her and every time I talked to her. Then…


It wasn’t long before I lost my home and millions in real estate investments, virtually overnight. Gone.

Of course, I would never really blame my mother. Her thoughts and behaviors were borne from the hardships of the Depression and a desire that her children would never have to experience that kind of debilitating poverty.

But I absolutely blame those powerful money-sabotaging patterns she had unknowingly resurrected in me.

Because deep down, I had embraced and internalized my mother’s belief that she would never be good enough to be wealthy. And that belief had once again taken over my life.

Even if you are a multi-millionaire like I was–if you don’t truly “own” your abundance, the money will disappear one day. And you will have to start over, as I had to do.

But this time, I decided to be true to myself and go in a whole new direction…

It was a big risk…

I’ve been a uniquely-gifted intuitive since I was a child — easily sensing other’s emotions, “picking up” important information from the world around me, just “knowing” things that other people didn’t seem to be aware of. Since I was afraid that others might think this was odd, I didn’t share it with a lot of people.

But while my life in the corporate world was thriving, I continued to quietly explore my natural gifts as a medical intuitive and energy healer, studying with leaders in the field such as Deepak Chopra and Carolyn Myss.

Compelled to share my insights about utilizing personal energy, I soon started teaching individuals, companies and organizations how to expand beyond their perceived limitations and break through to unlimited levels of success.

We powerfully blasted away blocks and made miracles happen over and over again. I knew my work was innovative and absolutely life-changing.

But I still had a nagging feeling that something was missing.

Then came the biggest miracle of all…

spiralOne day, I discovered that I had a uniquely powerful ability to instantaneously access the trans-dimensional energy field that is the source of all miracles. I quickly started to use this field to help clients blast through physical and emotional blocks, both in person and remotely, with miraculous results.

In fact, I’m able to conduct this energy field in such a way that it can clear away your inner obstacles and propel you down the path to achieving the dreams you’ve envisioned in a matter of minutes. And my abilities seem to be getting stronger as time goes by.

Quantum physicists have studied my energy “gift” to understand it better and they are fascinated by it. Their bottom line — it’s real, it’s powerful and it’s incredibly exciting.

I recently made a huge commitment and decided to focus exclusively on sharing these gifts with the world. And as hundreds of clients have said, the results are truly miraculous — often releasing long-held emotional scars and resolving health issues in an instant. Although I never guarantee any specific outcome, my clients’ lives are changing in remarkable ways and I am deeply grateful to be able to help them.

Now, for the first time ever, I’m very excited to bring my gifts, experience and teachings together into a step-by-step teleseminar program to address the issues surrounding “money”. The program is designed to help you truly embrace your God-given right to prosperity and abundance. We’ll take a journey into the world of miracles and work together to bulldoze that invisible brick wall standing between you and the good life you truly want and deserve.

“Grab any opportunity you
can to work with her…”

“Clardy Malugen is monumentally talented. Her work is so innovative that you have to experience it to fully understand it. Grab any opportunity that you have to work with her — it will be life-changing in ways that you can’t even imagine.”

~ Lance Avery Morgan, Publisher
Brilliant Magazine, Austin, TX

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Bank on a New Life of Wealth and Abundance Beyond Anything You’ve Ever Imagined


Join us in the Embracing Money Mastermind for a fun ride as we expose your money roadblocks, purge them from your mind once and for all and launch you toward to a new life of unlimited prosperity and success.The weekly teleconference sessions are jam-packed with powerful processes, tools and tips to reboot and reprogram your body and mind with empowering, wealth-attracting energy.

Here’s how we’ll do it…


Embracing Money the Easy Way

You’ll get the real scoop on transforming the negative beliefs that have dogged you for so long into ones that welcome money with open arms. You’ll also start tapping the power of Miracle Visions to jumpstart your track to financial success!


Exterminating Your Money-Minimizing Amoebas

We’ll start by figuring out “What the heck are you thinking!?” as well as redefining money and abundance. Then we’ll launch a full-scale attack to free you from those old money-hating patterns so they can no longer restrict your success.


Creating an Unlimited Vision of Wealth & Abundance

The fun really kicks in as you learn my best miracle-making techniques to focus your energy and write the script for your perfect future. We’ll explore the “Seven Secrets of Magnetic Visualization” and get them working in your life.


Discovering the Power of the Miracle Mantra

I’ll share the exact technique for creating a Miracle Mantra that will quickly get your energy aligned and your future on track. You’ll create a potent Money Mantra to guide your path to wealth and prosperity in a way that resonates with your heart’s true purpose.


Gratitude and Blessings

Let’s celebrate! The final session at the end of week four will offer strategies for keeping your energy strong and prosperous. You’ll also have the chance to energize your personal vision by sharing your successes to date with the group.


Each of the five sessions will end with my innovative Personal Energy Activation Process

— guaranteed to energize your life for massive success! I’ll use my gift to raise the energy vibration of the entire group, and tweak energy for any individual who needs special attention.

I have to say… there’s something magical about doing this kind of work as a group.

The positive energy we create together is exponentially more powerful than we could ever create alone. The result is faster, more amazing outcomes for everyone — money falling into your lap, great career opportunities, incredible new connections, or even meeting your soul mate!

Obviously, everyone’s results are going to be different. But it can literally be life-changing.

7 Signs the Embracing Money Mastermind Is Right for You
  1. Do you always seem to be making “just enough” to get by—no matter how much you earn?
  2. Do you hold back from investing in big ticket items—like a new car, kitchen remodel or a spa vacation—because you’re afraid you can’t afford it?
  3. Does any unexpected income slip through your fingers like sand… and afterward, you can’t even explain where it all went?
  4. Do you get a knot in your stomach when your bank statements and bills arrive, and tell yourself that you’ll deal with them “later”?
  5. Are you underpaid at work or undercharging your clients, but just keep making excuses about why you can’t ask for more “right now”?
  6. Do you get depressed when the alarm goes off, dreading yet another day at a dead-end job you can’t stand?
  7. Do you feel like you keep working harder and harder, but keep slamming straight into an invisible brick wall when it comes to financial success?

If you answered “yes” to even ONE of these questions, then you’ll want to sign-up today for the Embracing Money Mastermind.

Because let’s be clear… these types of beliefs and behaviors will continue to undermine your efforts and doom your future until you abolish them.

You may still experience times of good fortune. As they say, even the unluckiest poker player gets a good hand sometimes.

But as long as these destructive beliefs that you shouldn’t or can’t be rich are swimming around inside your head, attracting lasting wealth and success will be like swimming upstream at Niagara Falls.

I’m ready to sign up!

“Difficult challenges miraculously disappeared…”

“Clardy Malugen is a one of a kind. She’s helped me though some very difficult challenges, which miraculously disappeared after our sessions. I was ready to shut down my business last year, but with her help I was able to sell it recently for $500k and pay off all the debt.

She’s also helped me craft a vision for the future, which is looking like a home run. I look forward to every day now. Life is good.”

~ Brett Fogle, CEO
Options University

Let’s Manifest MONEY!

If you’re ready to shatter the shackles preventing your success, conjure up everything you need when you need it, map out your path to a miracle-filled life and activate a tsunami of energy to achieve your dreams even faster, I invite you to join us for the Embracing Money Mastermind starting September 15, 2013.

There are two options for joining us:

1. The Basic Embracing Money Mastermind $197

eb_1 You’ll receive…

  • Five calls packed with my secrets and techniques to get and stay on track to unlimited abundance
  • Call recordings in MP3 format, in case you can’t attend the live sessions or want to listen again
  • Inspirational email messages in your inbox every weekday

2. The VIP Supercharge Embracing Money Mastermind $397

eb_2 If you’re the type who likes more intense experiences, the upgraded VIP version is available to a limited number of people. As a VIP, you’ll also receive:

  • Four VIP Supercharge Sessions–an extra strategy and energy zapping session each week just for VIP members. We’ll work more on clearing your negative energy and focus on crafting your individual vision of wealth and abundance. You’ll feel lighter and powerfully re-connected to your true essence after each of these super-charged sessions. Join us live or access the MP3 recordings anytime you’re available.
  • Surprise SMS text reminders of your gifts and magnificence that are designed to snap you out of any negativity that you might have accidentally succumbed to during the day
  • An invitation to email a personal photo for my VIP Wall of Abundance to deepen the connection as I access your energy field during these special sessions and throughout the program

Since the work will be much more personal, I have to limit the VIP group size to just 15 members. So act fast by clicking below if you want to grab one of those spots!

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“Clardy’s work is life-changing…”

“We all know it is important to stay positive, set goals, and visualize outcomes, but Clardy Malugen definitely takes this to a higher level. People are deeply affected by simply being in her presence: by getting a feel for her energy pattern and her model of the world.

I think anyone who would like to jump start their life would do well to plug into Clardy’s work. It is life-changing.”

~ Dr. John Tatum, Psychiatrist
Winter Park, FL

The Embracing Money Mastermind has been carefully crafted to include everything you need for the journey to break free of your limitations and achieve wealth and success beyond your wildest dreams.

But I couldn’t help adding a few more things to enhance your experience even more…

You’ll Also Get 3
Miracle-Making Bonuses

That’s right! While the Embrace Money Mastermind is going to rock your world, I’ve added three bonuses to further enrich your life…

Autographed Copy AND download of Let’s Manifest Miracles!
I’ll send my popular book about making miracles happen straight to your front door. Can’t wait to get your hands on it? You can ALSO download an Adobe PDF copy immediately! Value $29.95
30-day Membership to Miracle Makers Online
You’ll get a backstage pass to join my phenomenal private community. The site is filled with tips, tools and a monthly video on creating your perfect miracle. And miracle makers from across the world share the latest miracles they’ve manifested. Be sure to report each miracle you receive too! Value $35
The “My Miracle” Worksheet
This deceptively simple worksheet has helped thousands of readers and workshop attendees paint a crystal clear picture of what they want to focus their energy on manifesting–money, dream jobs, soul mates, beautiful new homes and more. Since it’s a downloadable Adobe PDF document, you can print as many copies as you need to manifest everything your heart desires — plus you can get started doing so today!
Value $9.95

On top of all that…

You Take ZERO Risk

In fact, I’m so confident that my unique program will finally take the pain, strain and struggle out of attracting more money and success — and work far better than anything you’ve ever tried — that that I will give you my:

I’m ready to sign up!

This is NOT Another
Law of Attraction “Love Fest”

If that’s what you’re looking for, you may not be ready for this program. Yes, we’ll be creating powerful visions and focusing on positive energy to attract more money.

BUT we will also…

  • Use tough love tactics to shatter those old self-sabotaging patterns. After all, they’ve been in control for years. Simply telling yourself not to believe them anymore is like telling yourself not to like chocolate anymore. It’s just not going to happen without some extra help!
  • Elevate Law of Attraction concepts into an entirely new stratosphere with powerful visions based on your true passions. And you’ll take the fast track with the help of my 7 Secrets of Magnetic Visualization.
  • Strengthen the connection to your own exquisite energy source, which will effortlessly fuel your new life. I’ll teach you to “plug into the light” anytime you like!

“My experience has brought me HUGE breakthroughs …”

“Clardy Malugen is very gifted and very unique. She is highly connected to a higher power and is a conduit for that energy. Her work seems to move away the emotional blocks that are in the way of individual greatness.

My experience with her has brought me HUGE breakthroughs.”

~ Heather Havenwood, President
Sexy Boss, Inc., Austin, TX

No other program provides such a complete, effective path to a lifetime of abundance.

Only the Embracing Money Mastermind tackles your beliefs, behaviors and energy in these innovative, transformational ways… never before brought together… to create your life the way you choose and unleash the flow of abundance within you.

On top of that, you’ll discover tools and techniques you can use over and over again to attract what you want fast and effortlessly…with longer-lasting and more permanent results.


check Yes, Clardy! I’m ready to embark on a new world of wealth and success with the Embracing Money Mastermind starting Sunday night, September 15th, at 9PM EST.

I understand that I’m investing in your Embracing Money Mastermind at NO RISK whatsoever because it comes with your 100% Good as Gold Guarantee

Please choose your option below…

Basic Embracing Money Mastermind

For my investment of $197, I’m going to get:

  • All four weeks of training calls (five calls total)
  • Weekday abundance emails
  • Plus all the bonuses…
  • Bonus #1: Autographed copy and download of Let’s Manifest Miracles!
  • Bonus #2: 30-day Membership to Miracle Makers Online
  • Bonus #3: “My Miracle” Worksheet

VIP Supercharge Embracing Money
Mastermind for $397

For my investment of $397, I’m going to get everything above plus:

  • An additional strategy and energy zapping session each week with other VIP’s, to help me blast my visions into reality, while eliminating my negative patterns. That’s FOUR more powerful sessions that I can access live–or at my convenience via the MP3 recordings
  • Surprise SMS text reminders of my gifts and magnificence to keep me on track to wealth and abundance during the day
  • An invitation to add my photo to Clardy’s magical VIP Wall of Abundance, to assist her in accessing my energy field and empowering my visions

There is no reason you can’t enjoy the best life has to offer. It is in your hands. Take action today. Treating yourself to this virtual workshop will open a new world of wealth and abundance in all areas of your life.

You’ll be treating your friends and family too, because the rewards you receive will spill over to everyone you know.

Click the link for the option you choose above now… With the 100% no-risk guarantee, you owe it to yourself to try it out!

For your personal best,


Clardy Malugen

P.S. Remember, you also get three FREE miracle-making bonuses worth more than $80 when you enroll. AND as soon as I receive your enrollment, I’ll personally send a blast of energy your way — to get you moving in the right direction immediately.

The Mastermind starts Sunday night, September 15th and seats are limited for both groups — only 15 can join us for the Embracing Money Mastermind VIP experience. Don’t miss out — click here to sign up now!